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Marine Life Around Utila

Below we have gathered some of our divers photographs of different marine species that can be found in the Caribbean Sea around Utila. Over 222 different species have been recorded here, so here are just some of them!

Sharks and Rays

Spotted Eagle Ray

Eagle RaySpotted Eagle Rays are a favourite around Utila. They measure up to 8ft and like to cruise coral walls and over sandy areas, sometimes stopping to dig in the sand for Mollusks.


Yellow Stingray

StingrayThis small species of Ray measures 15in and likes to lie on the bottom, covered in sand.






Whale Sharks

Whale SharkUtila's most famous fish! Whale Sharks are the biggest in the sea, measuring up to an incredible 45ft. On Utila we are privilaged to be able to swim with these gentle giants up to four times a year, as they pass by the island to feed. Email us at Deep Blue if you have queries about them.



Queen Angelfish

Queen Angel FishQueen Angelfish are very popular with divers due to their bright yellow and blue colours.They take a great photo as they swim around the reef, grazing on algae.


Spotted Trunkfish

TrunkfishSpotted Trunkfish are so cute! Divers love them. They are a shy species of fish but they can be curious if peering out from under a ledge.


Longlure Frogfish

Frog FishThis fish is very difficult to find! Frogfish like to rest on sponges which make perfect camouflage and often go undetected unless they move!


Secretary Blenny

BlennyIf you find yourself swimming over some Brain Coral, take a moment to peer down to see if you can see this Blenny! It likes to make a home of old worm holes, backing down inside but keeping its head out, looking for food. You'll have to look carefully though as these Blennys are tiny, measuring only 1.5 inches!


PorcupinefishPorcupinefish are very shy and often retreat into a recess, although once there they can be closely observed. They can grow big, up to 3ft.


Longsnout Seahorse

SeahorseSeahorses are always popular with divers as they allow a close approach, relying on camouflage to protect them as they hold fast to blades of sea grass.


Marine Creatures


DolphinsWe usually get two species of Dolphin around Utila.This photo is of the Spinner Dolphin but we get the Bottlenose here too. Dolphins are so playful! Our boat captain is happy to stop so that divers can jump in and snorkel with them.


Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill TurtleHawsbill Turtles are critically endangered and divers are so lucky to see them regularly around utila! They often let divers approach and observe them feeding on sponges. They grow to about 3 ft and can be distinguished by their fan- like markings.


Spiny Caribbean Reef Lobster

LobsterSadly, the Caribbean Spiny Reef Lobster is in rapid decline due to over fishing in the Caribbean. Divers can often find them hiding in recesses where they can be easily approached for a better look.


Banded Coral Shrimp

ShrimpThis small, striped shrimp provides endless entertainment for divers who can observe them cleaning other fish by removing ticks or lice, helping to keep the fish healthy.