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Eco Awareness at Deep Blue

Eco friendly diving is something that is important to us at Deep Blue. We have different activities in our dive centre to increase awareness, educate, inform and contribute to research and conservation.

Please help us in our mission to make divers into good role models for local, perhaps less aware people by taking a few minutes to read the below "Eco Awareness" pages.

What Deep Blue does to help


Our free environmental talks are aimed at divers and non-divers to inform them about specific topics relevant to our oceans and our region. We focus on Whalesharks, our amazing Coral Reef as well as the Reef Fish.

We are also teaching Project Aware Specialties at cost price to interested customers and our divemasters in order to create awareness. These specialties include Project Aware, Project Aware - Coral Reef Conservation, Project Aware - Fish Identification, Project Aware - CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Distinctive Specialty.

Research Support & Monitoring activities

During our fun dives and snorkel trips, we are conducting weekly surveys. We are submitting our information to different research centres around the world. supporting ECOCEAN, CoralWatch and REEF.
We are encouraging all our customers and staff members to join our efforts and survey the reef with us. Besides the scientific value, it is a lot of fun!


Targeted Spearfishing activities



As those of you who have visited the Caribbean lately will know, there is an invasive predator in our midst!

During hurricane Mitch in 1998 an aquarium in Florida was broken and a small number of Lionfish escaped into the Caribbean. Since then, Lionfsh have rapidly spread. The first sighting around Utila was back in July 09 and since then there have been daily reported sightings in Utila's waters!

UCME ( Utila Centre for Marine Ecology) are running a Lionfish containment programme around Utila which has involved licensing special Hawiian slings for use only by diving Instructors or Divemasters. These slings are simple tools which are proving very effective in helping to control the Lionfish populations on Utila's dive sites.

HawaiianSlingDeep Blue Divers Utila

With an Hawiian Sling, careful aim and good buoyany, a Lionfish is safely speared.

What Deep Blue does to help

UDSEC Certificate

Every time you dive with us, Deep Blue donates a dollar of your money to scientific research and conservation efforts around Utila.
Deep Blue is proud to be a member of UDSEC (Utila Dive Safety and Environmental Council) who donate $1 of Utila's reef fee (a daily diver tax) towards funding the local marine conservation organisation, UCME (Utila Centre for Marine Ecology) who manage various different projects around Utila. These projects vary from monitoring fish stocks to running the invasive Lionfish control programme.


- Help keep the Island clean by picking up trash/ bottles/ plastic that you see on the beaches or in the water
- Avoid eating Lobster, Conch and other endangered seafood
- Avoid throwing cigarette butts in the ocean
- Re-fill and re-use your water bottle
- Turn off lights, air conditioning and fans when you leave the room
- Avoid fishing on the reef
- Do not touch corals
-Eat sustainable fish only, like Bonito Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Barracuda

Eat Your Reef Healthy