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Diving around Utila

Underwater DiverIf you are looking to fun dive, check out the bottom of the page for some prices and packages!

Deep Blue Divers reputation for excellent customer service makes our shop popular with fun divers, due to our commitment in trying to keep our fun divers and new students on seperate boats. We also provide experienced divemasters for different levels of ability, allowing diving freedom for our guests.

We are able to accommodate you here on site whilst you dive with us., we offer both dormitories and private rooms with shared bathrooms. If you are not on a backpackers budget and would like accommodation with private bathrooms and air conditioning this can also be arranged, please email us for details.

Deep Blue Divers Utila

The Island of Utila is in the western Caribbean, just off the coast of Honduras and is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system in the world. Approximately 222 species of fish can be found in Utila's waters, along with Spotted Eagle Rays, Hawksbill Turtles, Southern Stingrays, Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins, large game fish such as Tarpons and Mahi Mahi and of course the biggest fish in the sea, the Whaleshark!

The Islands typography is varied, consisting of a deep drop off on the north side, rockier landscape on the east side, shallower fringing reefs on the south side and the Utila Cays on the west side. Utila also has several sea mounds, one called Black Hills which is a great site to see Moray Eels, Groupers and Nudibranchs.

With over 80 numbered buoys, Utila offers many different sites to the enthusiastic diver.

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The deep coral walls that stretch down to 3000ft on the north side is where you will find awe- inspiring sites like CJ's Drop Off and The Maze. Going round to the east are sites like Blackish Point where there are overhangs with caves, tunnels and swim throughs. If macro life is what you're into then the shallower fringing reefs with sites like Big Rock is where you'll find an abundance of creatures hiding in the sand!

FUN DIVING PACKAGES (These prices do not include taxes and the $4 daily reef fee)

2 DIVES $54
4 DIVES $108
6 DIVES $162
8 DIVES $216
10 DIVES $250
12 DIVES $300
14 DIVES $350

Contact us for special promotions.