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Dive Sites

Deep Blue Divers offers over ninety dive sites to experience during your stay with us. You can use Google Earth to explore them at home!


Here's a sampling of a few of the many dive sites we have to offer:

Black Coral Wall - buoy #7

There are 3 bouys at Black Coral Wall, this is a great site for night diving and seeing Octopus and other night time creatures. If you get in just before dusk and swim along the top edge of the wall going east you will see fish spawning, there are also many cleaning stations here where you can just hover and watch. The name comes from the Black Coral that grows here, it is easily seen and at this specific site grows very shallow. Towards the shore there is a large sand patch that always seems to have something going on such as Peacock Flounders mating.


Little Bight - buoy #17

An amazing site! Even though there is a very pretty coral wall at this site, spend time out on the sand you will see everything, seahorses, Pipehorses, Pipefish, Batfish, Lesser Electric Rays, and lots of Nudibrachs. Be careful when swimming over the sand-your bouyancy must be perfect as this is home to so many creatures that you do not want to disturb them by kicking sand over them!

C.J's Drop Off - buoy #48

An impessive site with a seemingly bottomless sheer wall, this is one to really keep an eye out in the blue, often large pelagics are seen passing by. The top of the wall is stunning with large corals of all kinds, and lots of Nudibranchs. And look under ledges for Nurse Sharks!


Maze West / Willy's Hole - buoy #50

This site in Turtle Harbor really is a beautiful site, just under the boat at 15ft you will find profuse coral growth, then when you drop over the wall at 70ft you will find Willy's Hole, a small cavern with a large enterance if you look up you will normally see schools of ............swimming about you, when you have seen this you can swim east or west both ways are worth seeing, on your way back make sure you have enugh air to spend time on the top edge of the wall, it usually has great lighting for photographers and you will find a myrriad of makro creatures here.

Maze - buoy #51

This is a beautiful site and equally good wether you turn east ot west, a sand channel will take you down deep, keep an eye out for Turtles, Eagle Ray and large pelagics into the blue, on your way back make sure you have enough air to spend time in the "Maze" an area just by the mooring that is made up of small canyons, look for Nurse Sharks there and large Moray Eels, on the top of the walls you will see large amounts of juvenile fish and nudibranchs.


The Halliburton - buoys #86 & #87

The Halliburton was sunk especially for divers in 1998, the depth of the bottom of the boat is at 100ft to top at approx 63ft and the overall length is 100ft there is some very good coral growth on the wreck and it is the home of large Green Morays and usually quite a few Groupers and Snappers, for the photographer get your dive guide to show you the Bearded Fireworms

Click here for a video of the Haliburton Wreck