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Wreck Diver

There is something about exploring the underwater wrecks of ships and aeroplanes that holds a mysterious allure which divers simply can't resist! But wreck diving can also present a challenge which requires specific knowledge and skills to ensure a fun yet safe dive.
By taking the PADI Wreck Diver Speciality course you will learn techniques which will teach you how to properly plan and organise your dive when faced with the hazards and problems of wreck diving. You will learn skills such as diving with limited light , particular air requirements, how to map the wreck and also how to use the special equipment needed for wreck penetration like reels, lines and lights.

What are the course requirements?

You need to be a certified Open Water Diver

How long does the course take?

You will complete 4 dives and some theory

What's the cost?

Please email for further information