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What's Included?


The PADI Divemaster program opens the door to professional level scuba diving and is the first exciting step towards a career in the scuba diving industry!
Your certification as a PADI Divemaster will enable you to guide certified divers whilst on a dive, assist instructors on courses, conduct scuba refresher courses, be a role model for other divers around you and much more. And don't forget it will prepare you with much of the knowledge you will need to become a PADI Instructor!



Our target at Deep Blue is to provide you with the best experience possible. You will be mentored through your programme by the expertise of our PADI Staff Instructors and will be provided with the highest level of training.

Deep Blue offers you the unique opportunity to experience the resort environment at the Deep Blue Resort, which is preparing you to work in high-end environments in hotels and with cruise lines.

Deep Blue offers the option of employment as a full time divemaster here on site or a weeks paid work as a divemaster after your course has finished to help you gain experience. However, we understand that divers want to explore and discover the world, so we help you preparing your CV and we will use our network to support you finding a position as a divemaster in other awesome dive locations.

Are you looking to become an Instructor? Deep Blue Divers is an IDC centre, offering the EFR Instructor, Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor courses.

When you enroll with Deep Blue, your money goes directly to conservation of Utila's reefs. Deep Blue are proud to be a member of UDSEC (Utila Dive Safety and Environmental Council) who are funding a conservation organisation called the Utila Centre for Marine Ecology (UCME). UCME are running a number of projects such as surveying fish stocks around Utila, running an invasive Lionfish capture programme and have also launched a Responsible Seafood Guide for restaurants in the Bay Islands, educating them in what seafood is sustainable to buy and sell.

Deep Blue also includes accommodation for the initial phase in the price of your course. Our lovely Divemaster dorm is next to the beach, just a few feet away from the crystal clear Caribbean meaning you can wake up and dive right in! You will have access to all the facilites here, including hot water showers, use of the computer/ WIFI and cable TV.


Deep Blue's PADI 2012 Divemaster programme consists of 2 modules; knowledge development and skills development. On completion of these two modules you will then commence an Internship with us (or if you are short on time you would complete a practical assessment instead).

When you begin your course, you will be encouraged to do some fun diving with your buddies. Your mentor will help you work out a schedule for the coming weeks and you will begin some reading. Then, you will commence with the knowledge development part of your course in which we provide assistance by holding evening lectures on Physiology, Physics and Equipment.

After this you will move on to the Skills Development part of your course. This involves learning how to map a dive site as well as developing your watermanship skills, your boat skills and your skills in giving boat and dive briefings.

When your mentor feels that you are ready, then your Internship will begin! ( if you are short on time, you will asked to complete a practical assessment instead) This will involve assisting the Instructors on a selection of Open Water, Advanced and Rescue courses as well as certain amount of confined water sessions.

On successful completion of your knowledge development, skills development and your Internship, then............

You will be a PADI Divemaster! And a whole new life in Scuba diving could be just around the corner!!


We recommend that you spend five to eight weeks on this course, however it is possible to complete the requirements in 2 weeks.


  • Including all materials,  training sessions, all required dives to be certified as PADI divemaster, 2 weeks of accommodation at Deep Blue Divers ocean front accommodation (Dorm room)
  • Standard Package +
    Training to become a Reef Expert (experience up to Level 3)
    CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Distinctive Specialty course
    PADI Whale Shark Awareness Distinctive Speciality Course
    (including the certification fees)
  • Standard Package +
    Dive Theory Workshops (for IDC)
    PADI Standards & Procedures Workshop
    Equipment Specialty course
    (including the certification fee)

What's the cost?

Divemaster Standard Package: 899 USD
Divemaster Environment Package: 1049 USD
Divemaster IDC Preparation Package: 1049 USD

All divemasters in training receive PADI specialties at reduced rates.

We offer different options for the divemaster program. So please don't hesitate to contact us for further information at